Howard & Bow Branding + Design

One of our very first clients was our good friend Samantha from Howard & Bow, a high quality gift wrapping service. This project was full of fun, bright, bold colors with a tropical flair!

We started off by gathering inspiration for the feel and vibe of the site. We wanted it to be bright, colorful, and inviting. Samantha is originally from Puerto Rico, so we wanted to tie in her love of Puerto Rican culture.

The next step in the design process was to create a website for Samantha that effectively reflects her brand, and her product. On the top of her list was a Services section that clearly explains what services Howard & Bow provides, and a an easy-to-use Contact page where clients can request specific services and information.

As you can see from the before and after of her homepage, Samantha now has a bold and beautiful website that accurately reflects her fun personality, and her brand!

To see more of Samantha's Website, visit it here. Also be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram!